JetX Game - Play for Money in an Online Casino

Jet X is an innovative slot machine from Smartsoft Gaming that takes online gambling to a whole new level. Offering a completely unique gaming experience, the game changes our usual understanding of slot machines.

Rules of the game

The main idea of Smartsoft Gaming is based on the mechanics of an airplane crash. Your goal is to predict how high the plane will stay and cash it out in time before it explodes. It doesn't seem difficult, right? Of course, but predicting how high the multiplier will be is a really difficult task.

So, you launched the game and the download began. In front of you is the runway where your plane is about to take off. The bet will be available before takeoff and the face value of each bet is from 0.1 to 600 dollars per round .

The plane is a multiplier curve and it starts to increase as soon as the round starts. What is most interesting is that there is no limit to how high an aircraft can fly and therefore the win rate varies from 0 to infinity . But do not forget that the rise to the height of infinity is an unrealistic scenario, this should be remembered.

геймлпей игры Jetx

Your goal is to cash out before the plane crashes. If you press the " Collect " button, the round will immediately end and you will eventually receive a cash prize equal to your stake multiplied by the accumulated multiplier. As in any slots, there is a results history table on the left side of the screen, which displays the results of previous rounds, for maximum transparency in the game.

It is also worth mentioning that, in addition to the usual winnings in the Jet X game, there is an opportunity to hit Galaxy Jackpot or as it is also called progressive jackpot , it can be awarded randomly and under certain conditions: firstly, the bet must be $ 1 or more , and in second, the multiplier must be above 1.5x before the players end the game.

Working Strategies for Jet X

Each of the Jet X strategies below has its own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, tactics differ in the balance between potential profit and risks. Some schemes are conservative, while others imply a progressive increase in the size of the bet.

The main tactics that are in demand among Jet X players:

  • Playing at low multipliers;
  • Game with average odds;
  • Martingale tactics;
  • Round insurance;
  • Waiting for higher returns.

We will analyze each strategy in detail.

Low multiplier games

This strategy in JetX implies fixing the gain when the aircraft reaches the minimum height. Some players bet auto-withdrawal at x1.35, others take money at x1.1 or lower. Some prefer to play around x1.50.

This tactic is often chosen by beginners, as it seems the most likely. The longer the round lasts, the higher the risks of a plane crash. Therefore, it is safer to take a small profit. However, the situation should be correlated with mathematics. The player needs:

  1. Calculate the break-even point at the desired yield. You need to use the formula T \u003d 100 / K (k-factor).
  2. Look at iterations of the day, calculate how often the jet exploded before reaching the desired values.
  3. Compare the results.

It is difficult to make this JetX strategy profitable, as it requires high traffic. It is proposed to bet a fixed size of the pot.

Martingale tactics

The presented JetX strategy can be considered ideal in terms of balances. The model is easy to understand, suitable for beginners and experienced clients:

  1. We set the auto-removal to a multiplier of 2.0.
  2. We set the minimum value of the game.
  3. Double the iteration size when losing.
  4. We perform doubling to the winning round.
  5. We return to the initial bet if we win.

It is not worth taking risks and starting with higher starting amounts. With a series of losses, you will have to make a multiple increase in the size of the bet. These values are quite comfortable. For 8 games in a row, the desired multiplier will drop out almost guaranteed. The player will pay back the losses and will be able to earn 0.1 credits. The presented JetX strategy is not suitable for large initial stakes. A series of defeats will force you to increase the size of the bet. However, by that time, a person may hit the upper limits.

Game with an average odds

This model is considered to be more profitable. You need to fix the win when the jet reaches multipliers from 1.50 to 2.00. The balance between risk and return is perfect. The essence of tactics is similar to the option described earlier. A person should place fixed bets per round. The higher the multiplier, the less permeability is required.

Round insurance

The game model implies 2 bets. In the first case, you need to set auto-removal to 1.50, in the second - to 2.00. If you win, you will be able to fix quite large prize money. However, with defeats, the size of losses will increase very rapidly. This JetX strategy is suitable for fans of big drifts. A person makes a bet and waits for multipliers x10 and higher. The tactic is often used by high rollers. Regular players use it less often.

How does the JetX game work?

Before launching Jet X online , it is important to understand the mechanics of the game and the rules for calculating winnings. Below you will find answers to all your questions.

First, your main task is to get the jet into the air . But not just raise it as high as possible, but also stop taking off before the plane starts to crash.

Игра Jetx

If you have played crash games at least once in your life, you will be able to understand JetX the first time. The developer SmartSoft Gaming has created an interesting game with a simple interface. You can play it for both fiat money and cryptocurrency. Let's take a look at the key features of JetX at the best online casinos.

The plane takes off every 15 seconds

In the crash game Jet X online, a jet plane takes off every 15 seconds. There are no breaks between launches. You won't have to wait too long to place a bet and find out if you've won or not. The result of the launch of the aircraft will be known immediately, and not in an hour or a day. To take part in the game, you need to fund your online casino account and make your first bet.

JetX is one of the few gambling games that can be played with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.   By the way, Jet X has a "younger brother" Aviator Game. The games are very similar, but in Aviator Game the flight time is 8 seconds instead of 15.

Specify a rate

How to choose the size of the bet in Jet X gambling online entertainment? Simply and easily. At the bottom of the screen, you will see plus and minus buttons. They allow you to change the value of the bet up or down. Also here are pre-selected bet values - for example, 1, 5 or 10. You can click on them to speed up the process of starting the game. In general, the gaming platform is very easy to use and will definitely not cause problems for beginners. Even if you have never gambled online for cryptocurrency, you can figure it out the first time.

Set the bet amount and confirm it. Done - you can start jet engines and send your plane skyward!

Pick up winnings

Now let's figure out how to win at JetX without much effort. You have complete freedom to choose exactly when to take the pot and exit the game. Just click the "Collect" button and apply for withdrawal of funds from the online casino. You can withdraw funds to both electronic and cryptocurrency wallets BTC , ETH , LTC . But remember - if the plane blows up, you will lose all your money and the game will have to start over. Success in the game is measured by your ability to exit the game round at the right time.

Withdrawal of funds from JetX is carried out in two ways:

  1. Press the "Collect" button to stop the flight of the aircraft.
  2. Activate the mode of automatic withdrawal of funds from the game.

In the second case, you can set the so-called target multiplier. As soon as the aircraft reaches the desired height, the game round will automatically end. If the plane crashes before it reaches the target set by the player, you will lose. We advise you to activate the automatic withdrawal of earned money in order to reduce the likelihood of losing in Jet X online.

How to start gambling and betting

The game starts with registration. The 1Win operator offers to create a profile from a mobile phone in a matter of seconds. The player can choose to register through a social network. To do this, you need to determine the appropriate portal, click on the social network button and log in to your profile.

third section

Replenishment of the account for the game JET X in 1WIN consists of the following steps:

  1. In the header of the main page there is a button "Top up". The player goes to the cashier section, where you need to enter data for future transfers.
  2. Logos of payment instruments are opened in front of the user. These are VISA, MasterCard bank cards, electronic systems Piastrix, FK Wallet, MoneyGo, Sky Pay, cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. The player chooses the method of replenishment and indicates the amount of the transfer. For each new deposit, you can choose different payment methods, and the Online Club client gets the right to open several wallets for different currencies.

The money will be reflected in the account balance immediately after the transaction in the payment service. Bets on Jet X are made in three clicks:

User defines autocashout. You can also close the bet manually, although there is a high risk of losing due to a bad reaction.

The visitor gets the opportunity to analyze the algorithm. Although the random number generator generates millions of combinations, some appear with a certain periodicity. It has been observed that x100 multipliers appear on average on the Aviator screen once every 1-2 hours

The visitor clicks the "Bid" button. This means that the bet will be entered into the database of registered players and will be played in the next round. The result of the round is calculated automatically.


Beginning players often ask questions such as what tricks are there in Jet X or how can you beat Jet X , etc. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you and answered them:

Where can I download Jetx?

There is no need to download this game. The JetX game is browser-based, which greatly facilitates the gameplay.

What schemes, cheats, hacks do you know for the game JetX?

We strongly do not recommend using any kind of programs that promise you a guaranteed win. Software of this kind can cause you material, as well as significant damage to your computer. Don't trust any kind of software such as the Jetx payoff predictor , Jetx predictor . Play based on your own experience, relying on personal intuition.

Where can you play JetX?

The game Jet X is available only in a few online casinos. In our opinion, Jet X in 1WIN will be the best option in terms of honesty and payments in cryptocurrency. The game runs directly in the browser and does not require the installation of additional software.

How to withdraw money from Jet X?

There are two ways to withdraw winnings from Jet X. The first is to click the "Collect" button. The second is to activate the automatic withdrawal option.