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The Lucky Jet game is a real jet backpack for your wallet. This new generation cash game has become a real hit at 1win online casino. In a matter of seconds, the game allows you to get a win that is many times higher than the original bet. The size of the jackpot depends only on the reaction speed and excitement of the player.

Key Features of Lucky Jet
Provider 1Win
Free Mode Demo version
RTP 97%
Devices iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux
Currency Ruble, euro, dollar, cryptocurrencies and others
Min. bid 0.10$
Max. bid 100$
Number of bets in a round 2
Pause between rounds 5 second
Languages 60+ languages

Features of the mechanics and strategy of Lucky Jet

Crash game Lucky Jet is not a slot as many people think. Instead of reels and buttons, the player will have to help the astronaut reach the distant stars. If the flight fails, a new round starts after 10 seconds. The gameplay is fully automated and uninterrupted. The casino client can participate in each round or skip some rounds without affecting the result.

  1. Unlike slots, where winnings depend on combinations of pictures, Lucky Jet offers high odds without limits. The winnings can be x100, x8000 or even higher. The crash game is not tied to additional levels with free spins and bonus rounds, it all depends on the player's strategy.
  2. Lucky Jet allows you to bet on money and skip a few stages, keeping the chances of winning. In slots, the random number generator starts working for the gambler only if he plays each round for money. In Lucky Jet, the client can skip several rounds without affecting his chances of winning
  3. Players will have to show their skill and strategy to turn the deposit into winnings in these emulators. Prize features here are not tied to the mechanics of the game, but depend only on the ability of the player to manage his bankroll in the short and long run.

The popularity of the game Lucky Jet is explained by the fact that here the skill and strategy of the player comes to the fore, and not chance. It is much easier to turn a deposit into winnings in these emulators than in slots.

How to start playing Lucky Jet and place a bet

A few simple steps and you are in the game

  1. The first step to start playing is to register. Operator 1win offers an easy way to create a profile via mobile phone or social networks.
  2. To replenish your account and start playing Lucky Jet for 1 win, you need to click the "Deposit" button on the main page and enter the data for the transfer. The user can choose the method of replenishment from different options, such as bank cards, electronic systems and cryptocurrency exchanges. The money will be available on the balance immediately after the transaction.
second section

To place a bet in Lucky Jet, the player only needs three clicks. First, specify the size of the bet, then choose to automatically close the bet or close it manually, and finally, click the "Bet" button. If a player wants to make two bets, he must make sure that he has enough money on his balance for such a game. The result of the round is calculated automatically.

How Lucky Jet differs from slot machines

Lucky Jet is confused with a slot

Crash game Lucky Jet is often called a slot, but this is not entirely correct. Yes, victory in this emulator is also made up of chances, but otherwise the mechanics are completely different. The player does not need to spin the reel and press the start button.

An astronaut with a jetpack makes hundreds of attempts to fly to distant stars. If the flight is unsuccessful, a new round starts after 10 seconds. The gameplay is automatic and smooth. A client of a casino or bookmaker can participate in each round or skip some rounds.

In slots, the random number generator starts working for the player if the client of the virtual casino plays every round for money. As soon as the deposit is lost, the game session ends, the statistics are reset to zero. At Lucky Jet, you can bet money, skip a few steps, and still keep your chances of a good payout.

High odds

Another nuance in 1Win Lucky Jet concerns high odds. In slots, the player's winnings are tied to combinations of pictures. When a combination of 5 old pictures gives a x5000 multiplier, the user cannot count on anything else. The Lucky Jet Jetpack can give x100 in one round, go up to x8000 in the next, and fly even higher in the third. As such, there is no limit, which means that the potential payments of the user are not limited.

Solid prize money in the video slot awaits gamblers mainly at additional levels with free spins and story bonus rounds. Crash Game mechanics are not tied to prize features. It all depends on the strategy, the size of the pot and the ability of the player to manage the bankroll in the short and long term.

The popularity of Lucky Jet is understandable. It is not chance that comes to the fore, but the skill and strategy of the player. It is much easier to convert deposits into winnings in these emulators than in slots.

Mechanics of the crash game Lucky Jet

In each round, brave astronaut Joe begins his journey to the stars. The jetpack in Lucky Jet works differently. In one round, Joe reaches a factor of more than x100 and rises very high, and in the next round he may fall after taking off

The multiplier on the screen increases during the flight. The coefficient increases with every second. Therefore, the longer the astronaut is in outer space on a jetpack, the greater the benefit to the user.

The provider offers to watch game rounds for free. You can enter the game for money at any time. To do this, you need to look at the bottom of the screen and find two blocks of rates. The visitor can open one bet or register two bets in one round.

The rate is considered registered as soon as the user selects its value and clicks on the special button. Bets will be settled when the current round ends, the 10 second pause expires and the next flight begins.

During the round, the player has only one task - to have time to close the open bet before Astronaut Joe's journey ends. In this case, the user starts playing Lucky Jet and receives a payout equal to the coefficient set on the screen while the bet is inactive.

How to start gambling and betting

The game starts with registration. The 1Win operator offers to create a profile from a mobile phone in a matter of seconds. The player can choose to register through a social network. To do this, you need to determine the appropriate portal, click on the social network button and log in to your profile.

third section

Replenishment of the account for playing Lucky Jet in 1 Vine consists of the following steps:

  1. In the header of the main page there is a button "Top up". The player goes to the cashier section, where you need to enter data for future transfers.
  2. Logos of payment instruments are opened in front of the user. These are VISA, MasterCard bank cards, electronic systems Piastrix, FK Wallet, MoneyGo, Sky Pay, cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. The player chooses the method of replenishment and indicates the amount of the transfer. For each new deposit, you can choose different payment methods, and the Online Club client gets the right to open several wallets for different currencies.

The money will be reflected in the account balance immediately after the transaction in the payment service. Bets on Lucky Jet are made in three clicks:

User defines autocashout. You can also close the bet manually, although there is a high risk of losing due to a bad reaction.

The visitor gets the opportunity to analyze the algorithm. Although the random number generator generates millions of combinations, some appear with a certain periodicity. It has been observed that x100 multipliers appear on average on the Aviator screen once every 1-2 hours

The visitor clicks the "Bid" button. This means that the bet will be entered into the database of registered players and will be played in the next round. The result of the round is calculated automatically.


It is very common for novice players to ask questions such as how to play Lucky Jet or where to play Lucky Jet . We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you and answered them:

Minimum and maximum bet

The maximum bet that a player can make in Lucky Jet depends on the currency he has chosen. These are the rules of the game. 1win bookmaker offers users to open multi-currency accounts. The player can work with several wallets from one account. It is a cryptocurrency and a type of fiat currency.

The minimum bet in Aviator is 10 credits. The maximum amount that can be spent in 1 round is 10,000 coins. Do not forget that two bets can be placed on one flight, and therefore the maximum that a user can set is 20,000 points.

Starting with the lowest rates is quite a priority. This approach is optimal for those who prefer to launch Astronaut Joe using the Martingale strategy. The essence of this strategy is that each unsuccessful round in the next is played at a rate of x2. With a minimum deposit, the size of the next bet will not increase so dramatically and will not hit the user's pocket hard.

It also makes sense to play the high roller strategy in Lucky Jet. If the user manages to calculate when the next odds fall more than x50, you can earn good money in one round.

Minimum and maximum odds of winning in Lucky Jet

The spread of multipliers in Lucky Jet Mechanic is huge. In almost every round, Astronaut Joe starts with x1.1 odds. However, there are situations when even this mark becomes unattainable.

Such uncertainty puts many players in a difficult position when it comes to easy money. Visitors are starting to use the Auto Cashout feature on the x1.2 platform. Yes, Jetpack overcomes these conditions almost every time and guarantees the casino client 1 win. However, one must understand that a losing round can reset all the user's efforts and deduct the remaining amount.

Determining the maximum odds in Lucky Jet is not so easy. During the existence of the game, only a few users managed to receive a payout of more than x8000. Astronauts who have been in space for a long time, which has become a kind of record.

The provider itself also does not give an unambiguous forecast for customers with 1 win. The manufacturer claims that it is undeniable that Daredevil Joe can multiply up to x10,000. But so far, no gambler has been able to achieve such impressive results.

How to get your first win at Lucky Jet

As in any gambling game for 1 win, it is better to start with the minimum bet. This will help to check the honesty of gambling and ensure that payments are made by the cashier of the online club.

There are many ways to check the validity of a game. By the way, you need to clarify that 1Wine and the creator of this emulator have the same license. The provider and organizer of the gambling club works in accordance with the certificates of the Curacao regulator. This is a well-known regulatory body that guarantees 100% payout to every player.

In Lucky Jet, you can win in the first round:

  1. The user places a bet on the minimum value. It can be 10 or 100 credits. Everything depends on the budget.
  2. The player sets the auto-cashout at x1.5. It is quite probable that the astronaut will overcome this barrier already in the first flight.
  3. The bet is entered, and the money is immediately credited to the account balance of the Client 1 Vine. The advantage of this casino and bookmaker is that the financial department is ready to pay money from the minimum values. The user does not need to save for a long time for a minimum withdrawal.

You can request money to a card or online wallet. BC 1win pays the winnings automatically, which means that in 3-4 seconds the payment will be in the user's pocket.

Do I need to register to play Lucky Jet?

The popularity of 1vin in the CIS countries is understandable. The services of a gambling establishment remain in demand not only due to high odds in the gaming line and a wide repertoire of slots. The operator does not create barriers for new subscribers. To join the project, the user does not need to fill out a multi-page questionnaire.

Beginners are encouraged to go through a quick registration or become part of 1win through social networks. The standard account creation process includes the following:

  1. The player chooses the currency and country of residence. Actually it doesn't matter. After logging into your personal account, you can create several more wallets for other currencies.
  2. The player in the van points to the phone. A mobile number is required. Without it, it is impossible to verify the account and request the withdrawal of future winnings.
  3. Specifies the visitor's email. The player himself will need an email. Only through mail can you restore your profile and change your password.
  4. The new client comes with a password. The more characters in the combination, the more difficult it is to pick up the cipher and hack the account.

Beginners can add promo codes during registration at LuckyJet. You can get coupons in three places:

  1. Social media. The bookmaker publishes coupons in the official VKontakte community, and partners of gambling establishments post bonus codes on their public pages. True, these gifts are unlikely to be useful for playing Lucky Jet.
  2. Channel in Telegram. 1win has its own bot, which will not only provide information about current promotions, but also notify you when new ones appear.
  3. support service. A guest of the official site can write to the chat even before registration and request a prize coupon directly for a new buyer.

For everyone, a link to the User Agreement is published in the profile creation window. A beginner in gambling needs to remember two nuances. Firstly, each customer is allowed to create only one account on 1win. Secondly, it is forbidden to withdraw winnings to other people's payment details.

How is Auto Bet different from Auto Cashout?

The first and main feature that distinguishes Lucky Jet Crash from slot machines is the automation of the gameplay. Almost nothing is required from the user. The mechanic itself starts and ends the rounds of the game.

Provider LuckyJet offers two options. Automatic betting means that the emulator automatically starts the money rounds. It is only necessary that the visitor himself determine the size of the beta. The second feature concerns the automatic withdrawal of funds from the game.

Auto-cashout means that the factor at which the astronaut should stop is better determined in advance. For example, the user sets the multiplier x1.5. In auto mode, the application will launch tours for real money and automatically calculate bets in favor of the player if the jetpack overcomes the specified odds.

You can also close the beta manually. However, this is only beneficial when the user is playing short distances and he is trying to make the highest possible multiplication in one round. Otherwise, the auto cashout allows you to reduce the risk and win every second round without any problems.

How to get a profitable odds in Lucky Jet?

There are three ways to compete for big multipliers in Lucky Jet. Professionals use several methods:

  1. The average value of the multiplier in the slot over a given period of time. For example, the user takes a distance of 100 stakes. The player plays in demo mode and records the results of each round. The 1Win client needs to determine the average coefficient, which can be, for example, x20. This means that the chances of the Aviator going up to x10 each round are pretty high. It is to this value that you need to set the autocacheout.
  2. The frequency of occurrence of individual multiples. Chances like x100 rarely show up on jetpack radars. You don't need to play a long session to see this. The data is available to users in a free format. All the latest bets of the player are displayed here, as well as the results of other clients of the gambling club. Every 60 minutes, a multiplier of x100 or more appears on the display.
  3. Double rate insurance. The user can close the first bet on x2 or x3 and get a guaranteed profit. Starting from the second beta, the player takes risks and tries to get as much as possible. The economic throne obtained from the first victory will protect you from losses and losses.

In fact, there is no point in fighting for top multipliers in Aviator. It is very easy to play with minimal odds and gradually deposit winnings into your account wallet.

Installing Lucky Jet via the 1WIN application

Crash game Lucky Jet app not found in play market or app store. However, the user will still be able to play not through the browser on the phone, but through a separate client program.

The 1Wine bookmaker team has developed its own software. Each customer, both before and after registration, will be able to download the 1win app for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Inside this program there is everything that the user needs. This applies to the sports line of the bookmaker, the slot machine showcase and the innovative crash game Lucky Jet. An adaptive version has been launched in the mobile application, in which the statistics menu has been moved to the bottom of the interface.

To download the application, you need to free up about 20 MB on your phone. The installer will require up to 5MB, and unpacking the distribution kit will take no more than 5 seconds.

The application is distributed under a free subscription. The player will not have to pay for updates. From the program itself, you can register, fund your account and continue playing Lucky Jet in real betting mode.

The client program is protected from failures, bugs and external factors. In addition, it is much more convenient to enter a bet, have an auto-cashout and collect winnings via a smartphone or tablet.

Three Alternative Strategies in Lucky Jet

Many other strategies have been developed for Lucky Jet. The first one is based on Martingale principles. The player does not need to do any analysis. All that is required from the visitor is to close the bet x2. If this fails, then in the next round you need to enter a bet in the amount of 2 times the previous one.

You can also try using the insurance system. The first bet must be closed with a multiplier that will help offset the potential loss from the second bet. This means that in case of an unsuccessful second bet, the user is guaranteed to remain at zero and not change the size of his pot.

The advantage of this tactic is that the visitor has a real chance to hit a solid multiplier. It is possible that in the current round the jetpack will rise to x40 and higher.

The third strategy is useful for those with a limited bank account. The user makes each bet in the amount of 5% of the available deposit amount. In the next round, 5% of the balance is taken again, regardless of winning or losing.

This strategy is often called flat. The strategy has worked well in slot machines, where it often takes 10-20 minutes to wait for a winning combination of symbols. When you bet just 5% of your bankroll, your deposit doesn't run out that fast.

How to hack lucky jet?

Today there are two ways to cheat the Crash Game software algorithm. Moreover, these methods are absolutely legal. The user does not interfere with the structure of the video slot, does not arouse suspicion among the operator and provider. The software is safe to work with.

So, the first method is based on the work of a special Lucky Jet Predictor application. This software can be purchased at an affordable price and get a smart and functional assistant at your disposal. The program monitors the behavior of the jetpack directly on the radar and gives signals to the user.

It is convenient to work with the application. The program gives a forecast for each game session. For example, a user enters the Lucky Jet Predictor and is predicted that the jetpack will exceed 10x multiplication on its next takeoff. The player opens a bet on this position with an auto-cashout and wins with a 99% guarantee. Yes, the program also has errors, but the probability of incorrect predictions is minimal.

You don't have to pay for upgrades or subscriptions. The fee is a one-time fee and opens up all the functionality of the software to the player. It is also important that the authors regularly upgrade the algorithms and improve the quality of processing game statistics.

The second method involves working with a special Telegram bot. This is essentially Lucky Jet Predictor, but this time the program does not need to be installed on your phone or PC. Once activated, the robot in Lucky Jet will automatically start signaling for all subsequent rounds.

The bot is easy to use. The client needs to pay for the connection to the system and the program. It won't take more than a few seconds. After that, publications with forecasts of upcoming flights will begin to appear in a separate chat.

It is important to understand that the robot does not guarantee 100% winnings in every round. However, this frees the player from independent analysis of statistics. Data analysis takes a lot of time, and the human factor increases the risk of miscalculation. The program analyzes in one second and produces a result that will bring real winnings with a 98% probability. As testified by real customer reviews, the Lucky Jet hint bot really works.

How to withdraw winnings from the crash game Lucky Jet?

As soon as the user's bet is won, the emulator will transfer money from the player's account to the 1win wallet. The player will be able to withdraw money to a bank card, electronic account or cryptocurrency exchange through the bookmaker's cash desk.

How to top up your Lucky Jet account?

On the 1win website, the player needs to enter his personal account and click on the button to replenish the account. The operator accepts transfers from electronic systems and bank cards.